Can I use Custom Reports to determine the security compliance status of my IT devices?

Yes, with AssetSonar’s Custom Reports module, you can create and run Custom Reports to get a quick overview of the security compliance status of your Devices. 

Follow these steps to proceed:

  1. On the Create Custom Report page, select Asset as the primary module. From the Hardware section, select Security Software Details and Security Status fields as shown.
    Step 1: Select primary module
  2. Now, select the relevant columns. The columns should display essential security information that you want to be exhibited in your security compliance report i.e. whether the devices are jailbroken, encrypted, or have an antivirus or antimalware software installed on them.
    Step 2: Select columns

  3. Apply the relevant filters.
    Step 3: Apply filters
  4. Finally, run the report. You can now see which IT devices have a healthy security status.
    Step 4: Security compliance report

Note: To further flag Devices that are non-compliant, you can apply a filter that highlights IT Assets that do not meet the security criteria as follows.

Filter by security non-compliance

Once you have a list, you can take corrective actions on these Devices and ensure their compliance.