Scanning and the Mobile App

You can use QR Code scanning hardware with AssetSonar in your PC/Mac browser.

1. To configure AssetSonar

  1. From Settings → Company Settings → Public QR Code Scanning → Enabled → Update.
    Enable QR Codes

  2. Additionally, on the Add Ons page, enable ‘Barcode Reader Integration’.
  3. Check the option for ‘Enable lookup based on the time delay of input, useful for quick scans’.
  4. Save the settings.

2. To configure your QR Code scanner

  1. Ensure your scanner is a Human Interface Device (HID) and can interact directly with your PC/Mac as an input. The scanner connection with your computer can be via a USB or Bluetooth.
  2. Open notepad and scan an AssetSonar generated QR Code. A link should appear on the notepad. The format is: https://demo7.assetsonar.com/assets/1/asset_mobile_view?code=c10f
  3. Ensure there is no line break with the input. This means that if you scan the same QR Code twice, it should enter in the same line. If the second scan appears on the next line, it means that the scanner is putting Enter/Return after the sequence it’s scanning. Use the user manual of the scanner to see how to get rid of this suffix. There should be a QR Code/Barcode in the configuration options, with a name similar to ‘Suffix Off’. Scanning it should remove the Enter/Return issue. Do the scanning test with a notepad again to see that there is indeed no suffix or prefix with the QR Code being scanned.

3. Using the scanner

  1. To list items by scanning, go to the Carts module.
    Carts module

  2. Click the ‘Add Items’ field and start scanning.
    Add items

  3. Give a small second-long pause to ensure that the QR Code has been read.
  4. Scan as many items as you want. You’ll see them being populated in the ‘Add Item’ field as you scan.
  5. Once you’ve scanned the required items, hit the ‘Add’ button.
  6. You can then take actions on these scanned items.

If you’d like to learn more about best practices and recommendations for using QR Codes, please click here.

AssetSonar enables mass label scanning to help you process IT Assets quickly. In this post, we’ll take you through setting up a Barcode scanner on your AssetSonar mobile app. To learn how to use AssetSonar to set up a Barcode scanner on your PC or Mac, click here.

AssetSonar mobile app comes with Barcode scanning baked right in, using your phone or tablet’s camera to scan items quickly. However, if you have devices that are hooked up to terminals for self-service, or you’d rather use an external Barcode scanner for some other reason, we’ve got you covered.


  1. Configuring AssetSonar
  2. Configuring the Scanner
  3. Using the Scanner
  4. Tackling the keyboard input issue

1. Configuring AssetSonar

1) Go to Settings → Add Ons → Handheld Scanner Integration → Barcode Reader, and enable this option.

Barcode enabled

2) Additionally, check the option to ‘Enable lookup based on time delay of input, useful for quick scans’.

Enable lookups

3) Save your settings.

2. Configuring the Scanner

1) Make sure that the scanner is HID-compliant and can interact directly with your device as an input. The scanner connection with your phone or tablet may be based on Bluetooth.

2) Open a notepad or a document and scan an AssetSonar-generated Barcode. It should appear on the notepad.

3) Make sure that there is no line break with the input. This means that if you scan the same Barcode twice, it should appear in the same line twice. Say your Barcode is ABC123.

Scanning it twice should print:


However, your Barcode ABC123 might be scanned as:



If this is the case, the scanner is putting an Enter/Return value after the sequence it is scanning. Use your scanner’s manual to see how to remove this suffix. There should be a Barcode label in the manual’s configuration options with a name similar to ‘Suffix Off’. Scanning it should remove the Enter/Return input. Do the scanning test with a notepad or a document again to see that there are indeed no suffixes or prefixes with the Barcode being scanned.

3. Using the Scanner

1) Open the AssetSonar mobile app. Go to the Items tab, click on the ‘+’ icon, and select the Barcode Scanner option.

Barcode scanning in mobile app

2) Tap this option to go to the scanning page

3) Scan as many items as you want. You’ll see them being listed on the page.

4) Take a second between each scan to ensure that the Barcode has been read.

5) Hit the ‘Completed button at the end of the page when done.

6) Take actions on the scanned list, and you’re done!

4. Tackling the keyboard input issue

Once the scanner is connected to your iPad/iPhone/Android Device, it’s treated as keyboard input. This means that the device confuses the scanner with the keyboard. Therefore, you won’t be able to use the keyboard alongside a connected scanner. 

Here are three quick solutions to this problem:

4.1. Keep the device’s Keyboard On/Off Barcode label handy

Look for this barcode in the scanner’s configuration guide:

show/hide iOS keyboard

Scan this Barcode once you’re done scanning an IT Asset. This will enable your device’s keyboard. Scan it again when you’re about to scan labels, and the control will be shifted from the keyboard to the Bluetooth-connected scanner.

4.2. Set a time-out when the scanner is idle 

If your scanner doesn’t have a Keyboard On/Off option, you can edit the sleep settings to a reasonably low time (such as 30 seconds). This will disconnect the scanner automatically if it’s idle for 30 seconds. 

The scanner will be connected back as soon as you press the scan button. This means you can scan Barcodes, hit ‘Completed’, choose an action, and just pause a little to ensure that 30 seconds have elapsed since your last scan. You’ll then be able to use the device’s keyboard. 

When you need to use the scanner again, press the scan button and it will be reconnected. Typically there are beeps and a colored LED indication to show whether or not the scanner is connected.

Sleep time setting

4.3. Switching the scanner on and off

If the scanner is specifically designed for an iPad or Android Tablet, it should have a button to connect and disconnect the Bluetooth. Alternatively, it may have a gesture (such as long-pressing the main scan button) that does the same. While the scanner is switched on and connected, scan the Barcodes and then simply switch it off. Use the keyboard now to type in the text if required, and you’re done.

And, that’s all about using an external Barcode reader with the AssetSonar mobile app.

Note: The process described below is applicable to Assets, Asset Stock, and Inventory. We will use the example of an Asset to illustrate the process.

To create new Assets via scanning, enable ‘Barcode Reader’ from Settings → Add Ons → Hardware Scanner Integration. Hit ‘Update’ at the top of the page.

Once enabled, here are the steps to add an Asset by scanning via PC/Mac:

Step 1: Go to the Assets page. Click the ‘Add Assets via Scanning’ button on the right.

Add Assets via scanning

Step 2: On this page, you can scan as many labels as you want using a Barcode scanner to create Assets. Please note, if you’re scanning multiple Assets’ labels, all of them must be of the same type – e.g. 10 different labels for 10 same laptops, all having the same specs and the name ‘HP Mini 110’. Useful when you’re adding the same Assets in bulk.

To add different types of Assets, you’ll have to scan and create them separately in the system.

  • For the scanner to work smoothly, click on the field to start scanning.
  • Use your barcode scanner to scan labels of the Assets you want to add on the system.
  • Once you’ve scanned all the items, hit ‘Continue’.


Step 3: On the next page, enter the details of the scanned items. Again, if multiple labels are scanned, only similar types of Assets can be created at a time.

Create Assets

Hit ‘Create Assets’, and you now have new Assets added to the system via scanning.

Users can also create Assets via scanning by using our mobile app.

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