Account Cleanup will remove all data, except Printout Templates, Custom Fields, Settings, and Add Ons. This can take 30 minutes to a few hours to complete, depending on how much data you have to clean up.

You can clean up your trial account and start fresh for your subscription from the Cleanup button  ‘🧹’ located on the bottom right of the Settings page. 

Cleanup button

Note: Printouts created by any member other than the Account Owner are also deleted. 

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If your company administrators manage the checkouts, reservations and other actions of our staff users, you can restrict staff users from logging in.

  1. Go to the Members module in AssetSonar.
  2. Here, head to the respective Member Details page and click on ‘Edit’.
  3. Deselect ‘Enable member to login’.

If you’re doing a mass import, create a column with ‘Yes’/‘No’ values and map it to ‘Login Allowed’.

Category: Account/Users

Account Owner/Administrators can resend confirmation emails from Members → Send Reset/Confirmation email (against the staff user).

This will let the user reset their password as well.

Send confirmation link

Administrators can also head to the respective Member Details page and click on ‘Send Password Reset Email’.

Send password reset link

Send a password reset email to yourself irrespective of your user level

Confirmation emails for an unconfirmed member’s account can be resent by going to the Login page and following the process for “Forgot your password?”.

Entering a member’s email address will resend a confirmation email to the member’s inbox. If the problem persists, please double-check your spam folder.

Category: Account/Users

Applies To

  • Custom applications
  • SCIM Provisioning


  1. Log in to your Okta Org account as the Super Admin.
  2. Click the ‘Admin’ button.
  3. Go to Applications → Add Application.
  4. Select the ‘Create New App’ button. Specify the Platform as Web, choose Secure Web Authentication (SWA) as the Sign-on method, and click ‘Create’.
    SWA -> Create – 1″ width=”783″ height=”447″ /><br />
<li style=Input the values to complete the application setup.
  5. Under the General tab, you will see the new Provisioning options. Note: Contact Okta Support if this option does not appear.
  6. Select ‘SCIM’ as the Provisioning method and hit ‘Save’ once done.
    Scim for provisioning

Note: If the above options do not appear, contact Okta Support and request to have SCIM Provisioning enabled.

The account owner can view and print invoices from Settings → Billing → Invoices. We also send the invoice in an email to the account owner as they kick in.

You can change the Billing Address on the invoice from Settings → Company Settings → Company Profile → Company Information.

Category: Account/Users

Account owners can delete members by enabling Member Deletion. Do this from Settings → Company Settings → Policy → Member Deletion. We recommend enabling this setting only when you have to delete members. Disable it afterwards to avoid accidentally deleting members.

Next, go to the Member Listings page. Here, select the members you’d like to delete, and click on Actions on Members → Delete. 

Note: You can only delete ‘orphan members’ added to your account. This refers to members that have not been involved in any activity or event.

If you want to remove users who’ve taken part in some activities, ‘Deactivate’ them instead. This enables the software to retain the member’s checkout history. As an example, John Smith may have used a laptop before leaving the company. If his member record was to be deleted, the laptop’s past assignment to him will be lost as well.

Note: Deactivated users will not count towards your subscription package limit.

Category: Account/Users

As an account owner, you can transfer ownership to any (confirmed) administrator from Settings → Company Settings → Company Profile → Change Owner.

Category: Account/Users

You can downgrade, upgrade, or cancel your subscription at any point in time. There are no extra charges. The option is available under Settings → Billing → Close my account.

Category: Account/Users

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